Lake Lindero Homeowners Association (LLHOA) is a 459-member HOA based in Lake Lindero, a suburban neighborhood within the City of Agoura Hills and bordering on the neighboring city of Westlake Village.   
Development of the community of Lake Lindero began with Clarence Leonar "Kelly" Johnson, the famous aeronautical engineer at Lockheed Corporation who was a key member and leader of Lockheed's Advanced Development Programs better known as "Skunk Works." When Johnson and his wife, Althea, bought the property it was known as Lindero Ranch and the couple operated a ranch on the property and lived in a ranch house that was located near the cul-de-sac of present-day Penrod Drive.
The Johnsons sold Lindero Ranch in 1962 to a real estate developer who "initially built 746 homes on the ranch. After he sold it, he dug a lake near the Ventura Freeway and called the new community Lake Lindero."
Additional suburban developers built the present neighborhood of Lake Lindero during the late 1960s and early 1970s amid a major housing construction boom in the Conejo Valley area. Today, the Lake Lindero neighborhood also contains Agouora Hills Golf Course, Lake Lindero Country Club (LLCC), Lindero Canyon Middle School, and Yerba Buena Elementary School.
Open to the pubic as well as LLHOA members, Agoura Hills Golf Course opened in 1972 and is a challenging 2,000-yard, nine-hole executive golf course designed by the famous golf course architect, Ted Robinson. A true neighborhood gold course, Agoura Hills Golf Course winds its way through the Lake Lindero neighborhood and includes a pro shop and driving range. Also open to the public and LLHOA members, Lake Lindero Country Club provides additional amenities including a junior olympic pool, four tennis courts, as well as a full-service restaurant and pub. 
LLHOA owns and operates Agoura Hills Golf Course and Lake Lindero Country Club. Services for LLHOA members are provided by Lordon Management. Agoura Hills Golf Course is managed by Western Golf Properties.